Written Under Author Name Tom Phelps

Published Through Pronoun

Courage is Found in Every Age

Abigail Keller is alone. From the time she turned 12 and lost both her parents to the wars and unrest stretching across the world, Abby has had to rely on herself. Though her brother was by her side most of her days, the tumultuous world outside sent him deeper into his own, private inner world.

Raised by strangers and taught what brought her nation and the world to its breaking point, Abby grows and matures to the point when half-answers and cryptic phrases are no longer enough to satisfy her deepest, more desperate need for answers.

Now, she must make a choice: To trust a man she’s never met or trust the people who raised her after her parents were killed, had kept her safe from the wars and battles occurring all around her and had given her a chance for revenge. 

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Ghosts Exist. Some are Just More Real than Others

Derek Cole is used to working challenging and dangerous cases. When hired by clients who believe their 
12-year-old son is being haunted, more than just his detective skills are put to the test. As he begins his chilling investigation, Derek learns that a 20-year-old unsolved murder may be at the heart of this paranormal case.

There is no end to Matters of the Heart.
The Heart Stopping Conclusion to the Best Seller, "Heartless."

Private Investigator Derek Cole thought he'd put the horror of Alexander Black behind him. He had recovered from the gun shot wound and was already back doing what he loves; stopping crimes, helping others and solving mysteries. But Alexander Black was not done with him. 

For Some, Heartless is a Description. For One, it is a Diagnosis

Derek Cole is hired to protect a family, who were told their son had died at birth and was now a suspect in a triple homicide. But Derek must first confront the demons of his own tragic past before coming face to face with an evil beyond comprehension.

Some Secrets Lie Still in Shallow Graves

People are dying in the small, upstate New York town of Ravenswood. There's a madness at work, making people do things they normally would never do. Derek Cole thought he was working a case involving arson and a double manslaughter, but quickly discovers that a terrible secret is being held in Ravenswood. 
And Secrets Can be Murder.

The Eternal Battle Between Good and Evil Just Added Two New Warriors

When Trevor Mac made the decision to help out a stranded motorist, he had no idea the simple act of kindness would send his life spinning out of control. But now it's too late to go back to his old life. Too late to walk away from the demands his new life will place on him. Desperate for answers, Trevor is forced to trust someone he knows nothing about. 
And trusting a stranger with his life may turn out to be his second mistake. 
And some mistakes are fatal.

Some Wounds Are Never Meant to Heal

Freelance Detective Derek Cole is no stranger to challenging, mysterious and dangerous cases. Nor is he a stranger to a pain. And when hired by a client accused of murdering her husband, Cole is thrust back into his tragic past to relive his most painful life even. Only this time, his response will be different.

Sometimes, the Terrorist is the Only Victim

 Hired to uncover a terrorist plot in the heart of Manhattan, Cole discovers more than his clients expected. And much more than they are willing to allow.