Courage is Found in Every Age

Abigail Keller is alone. From the time she turned 12 and lost both her parents to the wars and unrest stretching across the world, Abby has had to rely on herself. Though her brother was by her side most of her days, the tumultuous world outside sent him deeper into his own, private inner world.

Raised by strangers and taught what brought her nation and the world to its breaking point, Abby grows and matures to the point when half-answers and cryptic phrases are no longer enough to satisfy her deepest, more desperate need for answers.

Now, she must make a choice: To trust a man she’s never met or trust the people who raised her after her parents were killed, had kept her safe from the wars and battles occurring all around her and had given her a chance for revenge. 

But nothing is at it seems and Abby soon finds herself in a terrible and dangerous position. One which forces her to make a decision about who to trust. About which side to be a part of. And about who was really behind the collapse of the world, and the death of her parents.

"Fans of THE HUNGER GAMES and the DIVERGENT series will find themselves engrossed and glued to the pages of THE GIRL IN THE RED DRESS, always reading ‘one-more page’ to follow Abby through her thrilling adventure." 

By author T Patrick Phelps, whose Derek Cole Thriller series has kept over 100,000 mystery/thriller fans on the edge of their seats, THE GIRL IN THE RED DRESS is a chilling dystopian thriller, which shows that courage and heroism have no age requirement.

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