Sixth in the series. Derek, Nikkie and a cast of "story specific" characters.

First in the Series. Meet Derek Cole,  Alexander Black and Ralph Fox. Learn about Derek's tragic past

Fifth in series, but THIRD in the suggested reading order. The conclusion to Heartless. Derek, Ralph, Alexander and characters from Heartless

As much as possible, I've written each of the Derek Cole Thrillers in such a way that each novel stands on its own. That said, each story builds upon the others, deepening and expanding character development and, at times, referring to Derek's previous cases.

Here is the reading order I suggest for the Derek Cole Series.

Stand alone novels can be read whenever the mood strikes you!

Fourth in the series. Derek, Crown, Nikkie, another Ralph cameo and a few minor characters who may (or may not) make an appearance in future Derek Cole Thrillers

Third in the series, fourth in the suggested reading order. Derek and a cameo from Ralph. Introduce Victoria Crown (Crown) and Nikkie Armani.

Second in the series. Derek, Ralph and (maybe) a ghost or two!